Measure9 – a foundry of knowledge
Dec 15th, 2013 by sven

Sven Varkel, the founder of Wasabi, has created a new technology-minded blog Measure9. Posts about Magento, PHP, Linux, security, Estonian IT infrastructure and other technical topics are published on more or less regular basis at Measure 9.

Innovative and flexible Magento integration and SEO solutions by Wasabi Ltd (Estonia)
Aug 10th, 2010 by Sven

Wasabi Ltd is an innovative and flexible privately owned company. We are located in Estonia. Our main competences are:

We have extensive experience in IT, programming, integrations. We are very flexible and trustworthy partners to our customers.

Other activities of Wasabi include music production, recording, publishing and organizing events.

Kliendid / Customers
Aug 10th, 2010 by Sven

We are happy to support our customers’ business with astute and effective software solutions.

Our customers include:

Magento, Pangalink, Smartpost
Pillerpalli netipood
Moebutiik (Pangalink) e-raamatute pood (Pangalink) (Pangalink, Smartpost)
Dell Mart (Pangalink)

Pillerpalli blogi
Eesti Traumatoloogide–Ortopeedide Selts

Interspire Pangalink netipood

Software development, web development

Eesti Interpreetide Liit
Eesti Arstide Liit

Mobile development

Rada7 Mobile

Aug 10th, 2010 by Sven

Meil on head partnerlussuhted United Skills OÜ-ga. Nendega koostöös arendame ja müüme Magentol  baseeruvaid e-poe lahendusi.


Usume koostööst tekkivasse sünergiasse!

Magento upgrade tips
Apr 25th, 2010 by Sven

When you upgrade your Magento to 1.4 then some strange stuff can happen.
First read the upgrade notes.

Secondly a note about .htaccess files that Magento installs. For example Estonian hosting provider Zone does not support php directives in the .htaccess files.

If you get ”

Internal Server Error

” or similar after upgrade using Magento Connect then check your .htaccess file in / folder. Very likely Magento upgrade has overwritten it and the php directives are there. Comment those out if these are not supported by your hosting provider.

Refresh the page and it should work. Voila!:)

If javascript does not work or product image uploads fail, then be sure to check .htaccess file in media folder.  So open .htaccess form media folder and comment out all directives from there.

If you see something like “Exception during cache and session cleaning: Invalid mode for clean() method” then remove app/code/core/Zend/Cache/Backend folder.

After you’re back in the admin of be sure to flush and refresh all indexes and cache. Don’t enable any caching at this point yet.

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